Global Growth

A dangerous portfolio with significant volatility. This portfolio is only for the stout of heart! Some of the funds in this portfolio have a value tilt (including CAPE) in order to provide some diversification and protection in the next selloff for growth stocks.

15% MTUM: iShares US Momentum ETF

*15% CAPE: Barclays ETN + Shiller CAPE ETN

15% ARKK: Ark Innovation ETF

20% SMLF: iShares Multifactor Small Cap ETF

10% IMTM: iShares International Momentum ETF

10% ISCF: iShares International Multifactor Small Cap ETF

15% EMGF: iShares Multifactor Emerging Markets ETF

*CAPE is thinly traded — only about 5000 shares per day. So be aware of your order type if you are placing a large order. You may want to use QUAL (iShares US Quality Factor ETF) instead, which has a reasonable correlation with CAPE.