Global Value Stocks

Built for aggressive exposure to value, small caps, and real estate. For factor-oriented investors looking for strong exposure to value factors, the Schwab Fundamental ETF series stands out. International stocks are weighted more heavily in this portfolio, as well.

26% FNDX: Schwab Fundamental US Large Co. ETF

26% FNDA: Schwab Fundamental US Small Co. ETF

13% FNDF: Schwab Fundamental Int’l Large Co. ETF

10% FNDC: Schwab Fundamental Int’l Small Co. ETF

10% FNDE: Schwab Fundamental Em. Markets ETF

5% DGS: Wisdomtree Emerging Markets Small Cap ETF

7% VNQ: Vanguard US Real Estate ETF

3% VNQI: Vanguard International Real Estate ETF