subscription one

$50/month with a $300 set up fee (refunded after six months)

  • Financial tools to monitor your portfolio
  • Software to track your spending, plan retirement, manage education costs, track goals, and more.
  • Up to 3 hours of phone support annually

For do-it-yourself investors seeking on-going feedback on investing and planning.

subscription ten

$150/month with a $300 setup fee (refunded after six months)

  • The benefits of Subscription One
  • On-going meetings for financial planning and portfolio monitoring, virtual or in-person
  • Bear market support to help you make decisions when the market is volatile
  • Tax preparation for individuals, 1040 plus schedules A, B, and D. Additional fees for schedules C & E.

For investors looking for greater support, but wish to manage their own investments.

subscription twenty-four


  • All the services in One and Ten
  • Asset Management with Dimensional Funds and other institutional funds
  • Bear market management to make use of volatile markets
  • Comprehensive financial planning services

Twenty-Four allows for some or all of the investor's assets to be managed by TruePath in addition to comprehensive service, all for a flat fee, regardless of account size.

asset management

.75% to 1% of account value, depending on the brokerage used for custody

  • Management using low-cost Dimensional funds for accounts over $50,000
  • Web portals to view your investments and financial plan
  • Support for building your plan online
  • For accounts over $240,000, tax preparation and financial planning services
  • Maximum fee of $937.50 per quarter

portfolio design & review

$350 for 2 hour consultation to design a personalized portfolio based on your risk profile, goals, and preferences.

second opinion/hourly planning

$250/hour, $100 minimum fee

Consultation on any subject relating to investing or financial planning.

tax preparation

Cost varies depending on the complexity of the return. Minimum fee is $250 for new clients, $100 for returning clients.