What is a financial plan?

Financial planning takes your income and assets and puts them to work effectively today and in the future. With the fantastic tools and technology we have today, creating a plan is more practical and helpful than ever. A financial plan is no longer a thick stack of paper gathering dust on a shelf, but a constantly adaptable tool for finding your way forward.


A Certified Financial Planner™ is trained to follow particular ethical guidelines and best practices for helping you take control of your financial future. CFP® professionals will do more than sell products; they will help you plan a path toward the financial future you want for yourself and your family.

financial planning in three steps:


The first step to effective financial planning is gathering all your financial information as well as your goals and plans into one place.


Once we have all of your information in one place, we will forecast what your financial future would look like if you simply continue what you are doing now. Will you be able to retire at your desired age? Will you be able to pay off the student loans or eliminate the debt that is bothering you? Will your family be protected in worst-case scenarios if they must go on without you?


Next, we identify the changes you want to make in order to align your current financial habits with the financial future you desire. We will pinpoint the specific changes in your spending, saving, investing, insurance, and so on that you want to make. Financial planning is about making intentional choices with your money. You would be amazed at what is financially possible, but you must be intentional and sometimes even radical to achieve your financial goals.